Packing Tips

Helpful Hints and Tips

We recommend you you use our professional packers but here are some helpful hints or suggestions if you would like to pack your items yourself:

shed eliz ave packing 011

  • Gather cartons, paper, tape, and a good permanent marker from friends, neighbours or purchase them from your local removal company or shop<
  • Disconnect and bundle cords on the television and stereo components, marking where they go back in with tape
  • Disconnect the washing machine, dry out your fridge, dismantle swings, trampoline, sheds, bundle your garden tools into bundles of 5 with tape
  • Create a portable packing kit, consisting of marker, tape, tape measure, knife (carry this with you as you pack)
  • Label each box as you go with the contents and which room it came from so we know where to place it in your new home
  • Label boxes containing fragile items with large lettering
  • Place china in thick cartons and place plates on their sides, not flat
  • Place glasses and cups upright, not on their sides
  • Place lamp shades and dried flowers into empty wardrobes or chest of drawers, this adds no weight to the item and is the safest place for them to be moved
  • Pack your TV, computer and stereo into original cartons wherever possible
  • Pack heavy items such as books, wine & tools into smaller boxes to keep the weight down so we can carry them and larger light items into bigger boxes
  • Don’t pack any flammable or explosive materials such as paint, fuel, pressure packs or ammunition as removal companies cannot carry them in transit
  • Pack a personal bag for your trip consisting of clothes, linen, toiletries, medicine, maps, food, drink etc
  • Don’t overcrowd rooms with boxes etc sheds 012, place as many cartons/boxes as possible into the garage or similiar area, this enables the removalist team to get the larger pieces of furniture as they load the van
  • Remember to place as much as possible into cartons/boxes, this makes loading your furniture into the van much easier and safer for your furniture and effects.
  • We do not recommend plastic bags as they are hard to stow in the removal van and often tear open.
  • FINALLY: If you are concerned about any article of furniture that may be an antique please inform our professional staff who will give that item special attention while loading