Cartons For Sale



Below is a price list of the items we have for sale to help make your move as easy and organised as possible. Manning Valley Removals & Storage (Taree) has everything you need to correctly package your household items, ready to make the move!


Price List

ItemPrice - NewPrice - 2nd Hand
Standard Boxes (New)$5.00$4.00
Double Standard (New)$5.50$4.50
Crystal Cartons (New)$4.50$4.00
Book/Wine Boxes (New)$4.00$3.00
Book Boxes - Plain (New)$3.50$3.00
Tape (per roll)$4.50
Paper (per reem)$45.00Half Rheem $22.50
Port-a-robes (New)$45.00$20.00
Bubble Wrap (per metre) $5.00Candy Bags $4.50
Single Mattress Protector$12.50
Double/Queen Mattress Protector$15.00
King Mattress Protector$20.00
Chair Protectors (each)$5.50

* All prices include GST

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