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Don’t removal companies have their own insurance?

Under Australian law, removal companies do not have to carry insurance. However, as part of membership qualification, AFRA members as a minimum, must have public liability insurance, third party property and motor vehicle insurance, and Fire, Flood, Collision and Overturning insurance for their own protection. This insurance does not cover your goods against accidental damage whilst in transit.

While AFRA Removalists take the utmost care with your possessions, accidents do happen and that’s why insurance is always a wise option when moving house.


Why do I need insurance?

When you have your belongings in your house, you have them covered with a Home and Contents Policy. This policy may not cover you when your goods are in transit. When you move your goods, these risks are made significantly greater.

Transit Insurance, offered by your removal company, is, in most instances, the most economical way to cover your goods in transit. If you think you don’t need insurance you should ask yourself why you would insure your goods in your house where there is low risk, and not when they are moving into a situation, where damage is more likely to occur.


If I pack my own boxes, am I insured for losses or breakages in the carton?

Because the removalist has not packed the goods, they can take no responsibility for the contents of the cartons in the event of any damages or breakages