Moving Checklist

What To Do Before You Move

The following is an interactive list. You can print this page and stick it in a prominent location, eg. your refrigerator.

One month before moving:

 Backup important computer files

 Get all medical records from your doctors, dentist, vet and optometrist

 Make travel accommodation for you and your pets

Two weeks before moving:

 Contact your utility company to make arrangements to disconnect your services like: gas, electricity, water, telephone etc

 Sign up your utility companies at your new address

One week before moving:

 Pick up items from shops, repair places & friends

 Inform the post office of your upcoming move and redirect your mail to your new address

 If packing yourself finish packing all boxes except items you will need for the final week

One day before moving:

 Give the removal company and any other services a call to make final arrangements for the next day

 Clean & towel dry the inside of your fridge and disconnect your washing machine

 Drain fuel from your lawnmower & edger

 Dispose of pressure pack cans & flammable fluids

 Empty gas cylinder and clean BBQ

 Dismantle swings, trampolines and play gyms

 Empty out compost and clean rubbish bins

 Take down your TV antenna and drain garden hoses

 Bundle up your tools and disconnect TV’s & stereos

 Do not water your plants if any as they can make a terrible mess inside our vans and cause damage to your furniture and belongings

Moving day: (carry with you)

 The keys to your new home

 Map of new town directions to your house

 The telephone number of the removalist

 Money, address book & important documentation

 Any important personal records, irreplaceable items eg. photo albums

 Personal items for hygiene eg. toothpaste & overnight bag

 Advise the removalist of any items staying there so they are not taken by mistake

 IMPORTANT: Check the house on completion to make sure there is nothing left behind